About FreeStyleTrailerCo

From design to fabrication: Our restoration process starts with putting pen to paper, the old school way.

Max taking a break from working hard on restoring this Airstream TrailerThis type of work isn't just a job. It's a passionate love for the past, a joy in taking an old retired camper and bringing it back. Restoring and refurbishing it, better than new and back on the road again. 

Sleek and shiny, Airstream trailers have been turning heads on the highways since they first started caravanning across America in the 1930s. These restored "aluminum skinned, gleaming silver bullets" are currently enjoying a revival in popularity. Praised for their clean lines and timeless aesthetic, design buffs are snapping up these restored vintage beauties. Airstream's charismatic inventor celebrates the trailer's enduring appeal as an icon of simple, aerodynamic living.

Working on the details - FreestyletrailercoThe Airstream is less a product than an entire culture. From the Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge, Airstream caravans continue to travel to the far reaches of the earth. Amazing photographs from the Airstream archives document this metallic nomad's place in the history of design. From its streamlined origins to its current vogue, Airstream has always been synonymous with the freedom of the open road. Today the dream lives on.

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